Well I tell you what. I had had the pleasure of three sit downs visiting lifelongs friends of mine @ the Red Brick Tavern in Conroe. The bar tender suggested this drink. I ordered it straight. I am happy to report that those three three hour conversations were made more pleasurable by the fine whiskey you guys have distilled, and bottled. My # 1 sippin whiskey now. - Howard Buckalew

sittin on the front porch bird watching, shot of Rebecca. - mike brunnemann

its good to the last drop - john r. buik

if this is the wiskey I tasted at my nefews house then its good - john r. buik

Smoothest Whiskey I have ever had the pleasure to swallow - chris Wheeler

A good friend of mine from Austin brought me a bottle of this whiskey to Calgary, Canada. We Canadians are similar, but different fans of whiskey than our friends south of the border. We love our Canadian whiskey, dabble in the single malts, and don't much truck with anything but the best bourbon (although the good ones are very good). When I had my first sip of Rebecca Creek, I was hooked. Delicious whiskey, I must say (Eh). Very smooth taste while not trying to pretend that it is not a whiskey. Bravo! Well done - now I have to plan a trip to Austin and perhaps San Antonio to see the facility and get more of this delicious libation! - Randy Fasick

I've always been a big Whiskey\Bourbon drinker, from Jack to Jim and everything in between. I can honestly say that Rebecca Creek has made me into a big fan. I've given bottles as gifts for the holidays and even birthdays. Not one person has disliked it. Keep up the great work. (may I mention they are local distillers to top it off.) AWESOME! - Roland Arriaga

I bought a fifth for a friend’s birthday present. She was a confirmed Maker's Mark drinker. Not anymore. Done and Done. I don’t much like the gold cap on the half gallon bottle but we are not drinking the cap. This makes a great gift for someone who drinks a different brand. KY needs to watch their back. - Greg Thompson

I went to a Cajun restaurant for dinner the other night. There was a sign on the table advertising Rebecca Creek Whiskey. I ask the waitress what she thought about it? She said she highly recommended it. I said OK and she brought me a sample. All I can say is "WOW". This stuff ranks up there with Willie Nelson, Gruene Hall, and Jack Daniels. A GREAT sipping whiskey. Go get ya some. - JR Grimes

I first tasted Rebecca Creek at an Alazafar Shrine function (Gala) last fall. Its the best sipping whiskey I have tasted in years. It is so smooth you don't need a mixer or a chaser. Even my wife likes it and she is no drinker so goodby Jim Beam. - Keith Jorgensen

Clovis NM here. I don't remember hearing Michael Berry speak of it, but when I saw it in my local "merchant of intoxicants", I thought it looked very interesting. I'm extremely glad I did, this is one of the finest whiskey's it has been my pleasure to consume in forever. Excellent beverage! - Chris Blake

On a recent trip to San Antonio I was talked into purchasing a bottle of Rebecca Creek and upon arriving home in NYC tasted it and was floored. This whiskey is so smooth I couldn't belive it. Now the problem: Where to find it on the East Coast"...

Tony Capizzi - Tony Capizzi

I am a native Texan who moved to the Pacific Northwest about 10 years ago. I heard about your fine spirit on a radio talk show out of Houston which is simulcast up here in Oregon and he sang the praises of your fine product. So out of Texas pride I ordered me a bottle online since we cant buy it up here at the liquor store and since that first bottle I have ordered 7 or 8 more bottles and shared with my friends and given them as gifts. Im about to order another one since we finished a half gallon last night. What a wonderful product you have. - Sean Marler

Josh Fuller Band (Dirt and Diesel) and Michael Berry got me started on Rebecca Creek Whiskey. We love to band and Mr. Berry! Good combo! - Tiffany

Tried your whiskey at the Phil Hardberger Park Gala and it is awesome!! I am hooked. I am originally from NC and can't believe this is made right here in Texas. I am going back east to visit for the summer and I will be bringing Rebecca Creek with me for my friends to enjoy!! - Doris Deneke

Originally from San Antonio, I now live in the Central Oregon region and recently had a bottle of Rebecca Creek Whiskey and let me tell you, what a smooth tasting, easy sipping whiskey. My brother-in-law is an avid crown royal drinker and he loved the Rebecca Creek. My only critical thing to say is that it is not available in storesd here. Great job!! - Kelly Renfroe

Heard about Rebecca Creek on the Michael Berry show. Just bought my first bottle and I'm sold. Sorry Makers, I'm with Rebecca now. - Dave

My buddy Billy turned me on to Rebecca Creek at a recent car show and all I can say is WOW, what a smooth whiskey!!!! I have normally drank scotch since my college days a hundred years ago but now I'm firmly in Rebecca's Creek.... Greg - Greg Johnson

The Josh Fuller band gave me my first swig of Rebecca Creek this weekend at a private party. 5 star whiskey - Mike Reeder

I have been a Crown Royal enthusiast for a decade. That stopped the minute I tried Rebecca. This drink was introduced by a waitress pointing out Texas products on the menu at dinner one night while on a recent business trip to Irving. I'm so glad she did. Extraordinarily smooth whiskey. - Martha S

I saw Rebecca Creek advertise at The Hill Country Holler last weekend in Boerne, stopped by Judys Liquor in Fredericksburg next day and picked up a bottle. Wow! very smooth no ice great with my ElCubano Cigar! I recommend highly - Dennis - Dennis Chenault

I heard Michael Berry recomend it so I had to try it. Wow I am sold. An old fan of Makers and Knob Creek and my old stand by Jack Daniels, I know I have a new favorite, Rebecca Creek is in the house. Doing Texas proud.
- Greg

We saw this whiskey on the shelf at our favorite package store here in Amarillo, Dennis the Price Menace, and quickly had a bottle in possession. I set up three rounds with a glass of water (I always want a glass of water with a new whiskey) and proceeded to have a genuine taste test. We were surprised to find a superior spirit from the Great State of Texas that can stand up in quality and taste to the "top shelf" liquors we normally buy. This whiskey is worthy to get out when your best friend is over, but don't set the bottle on the table. Pour a couple for each of you and lock the bottle up, otherwise the contents will disappear. Thanks for your attention to the details.
Jeremy - Jeremy Pierce

love it! - Alex Vugman

Hit damn! This some fine whiskey boys! Great taste and right amount of burn going down. Cant beat this! - Chris Tuggle

I used to a be a real whiskey snob, and I didn't think that whiskey was worth much unless it cost hundreds of dollars per bottle. But as it became harder and harder to track down bottles of Pappy, Stagg, etc., I began to broaden my horizons. Imagine my delight to discover the gem that I call Becky Creek! This elixir tastes lovely on its own with just a few drops of water to open her up, but it makes an even better Manhattan! Thanks, Becky! - Matt Wainrater

Been hearing about your whiskey for a while. Stopped and picked up a bottle a couple of hours ago. There were only two on the shelf. Lady in the store said it does not stay on the shelf long. People who have tried it come back for more.

First drink, very smooth and tastes great. Second drink was confirmation. I'll see if the second bottle is still there tomorrow!

Willie B - Willie B

I am a huge beer drinker, I tried this for the first time at a a bar inside of Marriot Hotel, I have to say this is a very smooth whiskey, I passed my drink around to 4 friends and they enjoyed as much as I did, they ordered one for themselves. Great concoction! - Jessica Wilkerson

simply awesome!
- diana

I just bought a bottle tonight after asking Michael Berry for a recommendation. I have to admit this is really a great whisky. It is very smooth with great flavor. I just hope I dont finish the entire bottle tonight!! - William

Was able to make it to Musicfest 2013 in Steamboat Springs, Co and tried Rebecca Creek and i was impressed with it. I have been a Crown drinker for years, no more crown for me. Awsome whiskey yall are doing a great job!!! David Seals - David Seals

I have never been a whiskey drinker; I prefer craft beer. Now I can call myself a whiskey drinker after having tried Rebecca Creek Whiskey at a friend's house. I bought a bottle as soon as I could. It's the first whiskey I've ever enjoyed drinking! It's best served "neat". Thanks and keep up the good work! - James H

I've been a Jack Daniels drinker for many years! Rebecca Creek has moved me away from Jack. Not to mention it's Texas in a glass,It's smooth and very flavorful! I'm happy to say 'Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey' is my new go to whiskey. - Jimmy Love

I am not a whiskey drinker until I tried yours now I prefer it over a beer. I have introduced it several friends and it's a big hit. Would love to come tour yalls place. - Kevin Henderson

Enjoyed Rebecca Creek at our family reunion this year and those who tasted it preferred it over Hennessey. Family members out of state have already made inquires about purchasing it for their private liquor cabinets. - CSJ

I was working a few days on a project in Amarillo. One of our group bought a bottle of Rebecca Creek whiskey and shared it with the group one evening this week. I think it is the smoothest and most flavorful whiskey I have ever had. It was sad to return to Illinois and find it was not available here. - Richard Bock

Toured the distillery last Saturday. This ain't your Grandpa's still!!! Appreciate the taste even more after learning some of the science behind it. Thanks Alan great tour. Won't be sending any more of my dollars to Tennessee, Kentucky or Canada. Thanks again Steve Ryan for all your help, keep it flowing! Rick in Ennis, TX - Rick Cepak

Your folks set up at my tail-gate at an A&M game. They were very nice and accommodating. The "spirits" were awesome. Whiskey at 8:30 am has to be extremely smooth...and yours more than passed the test. - Al Meyer

I love Rebecca Creek whiskey! I have been a devoted fan of Scotch whisky for some time. My neighborhood liquor store offered free tastes week before last, and it was love at first taste. It is smooth and mellow and wonderfully tasty. I have bought several bottles since and have given it for gifts. I am a devoted fan! - Marion of Texas

I'm a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, I saw your ad in the Spirit Magazine. While in Dallas for training I bought a bottle of your whiskey. WOW I love it! A long time fan of Crown Royal, Rebecca Creek has taken it's place. However, I live in Phoenix, AZ and I haven't been able to find it here. I checked the map on your web site, and it looks like it's only sold in Texas. Do you ship?
- Nina Francione

Purchased a bottle of your Whiskey a couple of weeks ago while my son came to the house for a visit. He's a special operations soldier and we don't get to see him very often so I wanted to purchase something special. I have seen your Whiskey on the shelf a few times and decided to give it a try. I have to say my son and I loved it and it is now the only Whiskey I will buy. It was smooth and has a great taste. I am going this weekend to puchase a bottle of your Vodka to give it a try. - Greg

I have been waiting for the release of Rebecca Creek Whiskey after seeing an article about it some time ago. I have bought my first bottle and have savored the flavor. It is very reminiscent of another well known brand that I drink, the same nose, color and flavor, but with a hint of black pepper in the finish. I like black pepper. This one is a keeper for sure and MADE IN TEXAS! - D.M. KREBS

I've been a scotch drinker for decades. A store in Richmond had me taste Rebecca Creek while tasting some single malts about 6 months ago. I was bowled over by the taste and smoothness.

Now I buy Rebecca Creek every time I go to the store. If I had to choose between this whiskey and scotch...well, thank goodness I can have them both. And it is made in Texas! - Kathryn Sweeny

Born in raised in Dallas, Texas here! I am military stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and I would LOVE to have a bottle of this. Please tell me you guys make shipments and I will be happy to pay! - Cary Obidinski

ive been looking for years for a smooth whiskey that mixes good with a cola. last night after i tried rebecca creek, i can honestly say i have found that whiskey. i peronaly think its better than crown royal or wild turkey. thank you - mike slade

I was fortunate to have a tour of this gorgeous space recently. With my boss in tow, we got to amble about, learn about the distilling process and even get some samples!

The facilities are gorgeous. They have the beautiful space where the liquors are made but they also have great party rooms available. And the staff is so friendly it's unreal.

This spot is a bit outside of the city but totally worth the drive. Very fun way to spend an afternoon! - Krys

I recall at one point, having climbed up onto some semi-scaffolding so we might get a birds eye view into one of the instruments, noting that those of us who enjoy a cocktail every now and then should really thank some of these guys - there's a lot of hoop jumping that happens if you're a distiller, and that's not even including any legal stuff.

Rebecca Creek Distillery is a super slick, uber modern industrial setup where they manufacture the vodka (and more) under the same moniker: we were lucky enough to catch them on a day when they were open to the idea of showing us around a little, and we got the chance to see what they were dreaming up, and what they were actively cranking out. What there was, of course, was vodka, and lots of it.

It seems like they've ramped into something interesting pretty quickly, and in Texas, I've not had trouble finding them, which is great if you dig vodka. From humble beginnings, perhaps, but the end result is pretty fabby. And thanks for the tour! - Kevin

I've been a bourbon/TN Whiskey fella for a good long while. JD has gotten a little too hippie-fied for me, and I tried several other whiskeys to fill the bill. None did it.

I've wanted 'Texas Whiskey' ever since I heard the Jon Wayne song of the same name a while back. I tried Rebecca Creek and am happy to say it is my new 'regular dram'. It's smooth, tastes great, and is honeslty good enough I can say it's a damn shame to use it in mixed drinks. (Can't say that about JD and several other big names).

Congratulation from a new and hopefully longtime fan.
MW - Big MDub

Just bought this for a special person who loves Texas Hill Country. Have not tried this brand myself. - ralph

I tried your whiskey last night and absolutely loved it!!! So smooth, it's better than the norm! Don't think that I'll be buying any more Maker's Mark, Crown Royal or Jack Daniels for years to come.

Paula L-B - Paula

Just a quick note about Rebecca Creek Whiskey… On the way down the aisle to purchase my bi-weekly bottle of Jack Daniels an interesting bottle (Rebecca Creek Whiskey) caught my eye. After seeing it was made in Texas, I decided to give it a try over JD… After opening it and giving it a try, I can only say..”It was poetry in a glass!” Rebecca Creek Whiskey has now become my whiskey of choice! Awesome job!! - James

Just bought my first bottle of Rebecca Creek here in Bergheim and I love it. I have to say may be the best whiskey I have ever had. Looking forward to touring the distillery. - Clayton

Just bought my first bottle of your Whiskey, NICE & Smooth. I am normally a Makers Mark
sometimes Crown Royal Man. I had a sample of your Whiskey at the local liquor store and loved it. I also love that it is MADE IN TEXAS. - Bruce

I first tasted Rebecca Creek @ the San Antonio Rodeo Auction Committees Hide party in Jan. 2012. I was introduced to Steve that night as I commented that I like it better than Crown. I’ve been a Crown drinker for 25+ yrs. I’ve now have both at the house, I just have to replace the Rebecca Creek a lot more often. I think I need to start buying by the case. Thanks Steve & Mark for this fine TEXAS whiskey. Now if more bars would carry it, that would nice. - Texan

Long time Redbreast Irish whiskey fan. Jerrod @ The Vine asked me to try your whiskey last night. May just have to give up the Irish for the Texas Whiskey. - Eddie

I was visiting San Antonio for work a few weeks ago and had read about Rebecca Creek Whiskey in a magazine on the flight over, so I thought I'd pick up a bottle. It was a wonderful decision; this whiskey is so smooth, delicious, and nice to drink.
I have since purchased a case and have started spreading it to my friends and family in WA and CA, and I will soon be buying another case. Can't wait for batch #2! - Nathan

I tried the whiskey the other day at a tasting they were having here in Houston at a liquor store. Very smooth. I was compelled to buy a bottle and its quite tasty. Nice to have a Texas whiskey I can be proud of! Well done. - JSC

Just wanted to say that I find your whiskey to be excellent. I know what I'll be giving several friends for Christmas this year. - Ric